Abuse Category

We have stringent policies against those members who misuse our services. For us to act and stop any abuse or violation, we need all your support and extended co-operation.

Alert us by writing to us: info@anandkaaj.com, for us to initiate necessary action against the offender.

Also, while reporting such complaints, please provide all evidence including any e-mail (Full header of the e-mail) you may have received.

Your personal details will not be disclosed.

    The following are considered as abuse of our services :
  • If a member sends obscene or unfitting e-mails
  • If a member seeks marriage proposal with a fraudulent or obscene profile
  • If a member provokes you with harassing email remarks
  • If a photograph of a member is miss-represented or not real
  • If a member found to be using our services for private business purposes with advertisements or other business material. Please Report Anything Offensive, Fraudulent or Suspicious with proper evidence to us by sending mail to info@anandkaaj.com